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Stickman Rope Hero review

Stickman Rope Hero is another simulation game in a style of GTA that falls short, in my opinion. It’s a continuation of the series of games about Stickman where you get to explore a huge city, fight with enemies, and climb skyscrapers – all to save humanity. People need a new superhero, and that is Stickman Rope Hero.

What it’s all about?

To me, the storyline isn’t that creative as many players claim. You play for the superhero, and there are enemies trying to kill you. You can explore the city, kill the clones, steal cars, and so on – nothing special in comparison with games like GTA and alike. You also can complete various missions that make a gaming process a little bit more challenging.

The real strengths of the game are the open world and freedom of action. You can explore all the hidden corners of the city from the ground to the skyscrapers’ roots. Encounters with the police are one more issue. You can run away from them, try to steal the police car or engage in a battle with policemen. When it comes to police, there may be glitches. For example, when I blow up a police car while it’s parked, it respawns and more than 15 police cars are chasing me. Sometimes, the car I blew up is driving around, crashing into walls, and blowing up over and over. It’s hilarious to watch, yet I wish this bug would be fixed.

There are other lags and glitches occur now and then. I get that it’s almost impossible to have an app that works perfectly, yet there are too many of them in Stickman Rope Hero.

This is all looking vaguely familiar to me

The styling of Stickman Rope Hero is very similar to that of the famous GTA, not to mention the gameplay and the storyline. Even though it’s a mobile app, the graphics could be better. I believe now 3D graphics don’t impress anybody but if it’s mediocre it strikes the eye.

The world looks developed: there are buildings, roads, cars, and so on. Yet it definitely lacks some small details that make the visuals more realistic. The physics are alright, yet it’s not perfect. But it’s still a mobile gaming app, so I won’t be too demanding. I like the animation movements of the characters and the swaying of the trees, so the physics are good and probably can be improved – the developers definitely have high skills. 

The sound is decent, too. Each weapon, car or motorcycle has its own realistic sounds. There are sounds of creaking rubber, blades of helicopters, and even rustling leaves which is a nice touch to the atmosphere.

On the screen, there are two scales: health and armor. The third scale shows the risk to be caught by the police. There is also a radar that helps you to navigate, and you can see the kind of weapon used.

To control the character, you can use the joystick and buttons of the sight and shooting. Overall, the controls are rather comfortable which is nice. You can also customize the character’s appearance. I’m not sure whether this feature is appealing for boys who are obviously the core audience of this game, but I enjoyed customizing this Stickman superhero.

Is it any good?

All in all, Stickman Rope Hero is one more game about fighting with foes, stealing cars, climbing skyscraping, and so on. I didn’t find anything special about the gameplay, the storyline or the graphics. Everything is fine, yet far from perfect. Constant glitches and plot gaps also spoil the impression.

Maybe my expectations from this game were too high and unrealistic, and that’s why I got disappointed. I’ve seen quite a lot of positive reviews and comments from people who seem to like the game. Still, many of them have the same complaints about glitches, so maybe I’m not entirely wrong after all.

Stickman Rope Hero is free to play, and it’s compatible with both Android-based and iOS-based devices. So you can try it, and who knows – maybe you will like the game? Weapons, health, and some other useful resources can be purchased with real money but you can also get them by watching commercials. So, gaining a first impression of the game is free, and whether to spend money on it or not –it’s totally up to you.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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