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Plague Inc. review

There are not so many good strategies that can bring out your dark side, and Plague Inc. is one of them. It reminds Pandemic to some extent as the main purpose of the player is to create a deadly virus that will annihilate humanity.

Disclaimer: Though there is neither blood nor gore depicted, the concept of the game is still very controversial and even violent. I can’t stress enough that this game is rated 12+, so I wouldn’t recommend it for little kids. Also, sensitive and hypochondriac people may find the game too disturbing. 

Killing the human race (as shocking as it sounds)

Plague Inc. is a mix of simulation and strategy where you play for a villain who is trying to create a deadly disease and spread it around the globe. The whole point of the game is to develop your disease to the highest level possible so that it will kill all the humanity. I already have questions to the game’s creators since the idea is, well, unusual and a little bit disturbing.

Yet, it’s quite a good strategy where you should keep an eye on many different things to achieve your goal. You can improve the disease; watch how people are trying to resist it, and keep up with the latest news around the world. I must say, the news look very natural, and they made me think about serious issues that we face in real life: diseases, attempts to cure them, and lack of funding… The very theme of the game can easily make you think about such things, and that can be seen as a shortcoming as well as an advantage – it’s all a matter of perception.

The first level is like a tutorial which is easy to pass; other ones are much harder. In total, there are 7 plague types – Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-virus, and Bio-weapon. You also can unlock or purchase 2 special plague types if you’re willing to spend some real money.

Developing the plague

In order to achieve your goal, you can develop the plague making it more severe and more resistant to cure. Different traits you can add to your disease fall into 3 categories: transmission, symptoms, and abilities. So, you need to decide which traits to develop so that the plague will be as deadly as it’s possible.

Once people recognize your disease and consider it dangerous, they will try to invent the cure. This process takes some time, especially when the funding isn’t enough. So you get to compete with people and if they find the cure – you will fail. People also can slow down transmission by shutting down airports, closing borders around their country, and even exterminating all birds. As you can see, even in the game wiping the humanity from the face of the Earth may be pretty difficult – and that is definitely good news.
The disease can mutate on its own, so you don’t have to spend gaming points on its development. But even this feature can hardly help you if the humanity is moving towards creating the vaccine.

Is it any good?

Plague Inc. is a great strategy with an unusual plot, yet it’s not for little kids. Putting aside the controversial concept, the game has good graphics and interesting gameplay. Moreover, it can really teach you something about diseases, biology, and geography which isn’t that bad. Obviously, it’s not a textbook but having the map of the world in front of you can be really useful.

I like that there is neither blood no gore depicted, and the game is all about the map, charts, graphs, and so on. I find the graphics pretty unusual for a gaming app, yet it fits the game perfectly. Still, some symptoms like necrosis have gross descriptions, so be aware of that. There is also a small skull sigh on the main screen but I don’t think it’s too creepy.

The app is free, and it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, so you can find it on Google Play and App Store. There is also a game version for Windows so you can play on your laptop or computer, too.

My verdict

Remember that Plague Inc. is just a well-made addictive strategy that challenges your tactic skills, logic, and wisdom. It’s a game for teens (12+) and adults who are okay with black humor. But if you’re a dedicated pacifist or you’re just too sensitive – this game is definitely not for you.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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