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Mystic Messenger review

Are you fond of dating simulators? Then you probably will be interested in this Mystic Messenger app – in case you haven’t played it yet. Great plot, amazing graphics, and well-drawn characters make the game really interesting and even addictive, so you may end up playing all night, although I don’t recommend this for the sake of your well-being. 

What’s so mysterious about this game?

There is a great deal of mystery indeed: in the story, you install some mysterious app and somehow get connected to a chat room with several strangers. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’d rather highlight the elements of the game rather than its plot.

The game takes place in real time over the course of 11 days, so you have to play every day in order not to miss something important. Along with your free time, the app requires an Internet connection so playing it every single day can sometimes be challenging or inconvenient. As I said, the game can be addictive so be aware of that.

You play for yourself, and you spend most of the time in chats with different characters trying to establish relationships with them. The course of the game depends on your actions, and the route can have a bad ending. That is especially disappointing after several days of constant playing, so just keep in mind that there is a guide. I admit that I’ve used it as I have no time to replay the game over and over again because, you know, I have other things to do.

In conversations, you can only choose from several available lines – you can’t type them by yourself. Sometimes you can receive phone calls from other characters. Since the game was developed by a Korean company, the characters don’t speak English, but there are English subtitles.

Over the course of the game, it gets only more interesting as the characters develop and you dip in the atmosphere of mystery. You get to put all the puzzle pieces together to see the whole story, so it’s hard not to get emotionally involved in the game. Do you like feeling the emotional connection with the characters? If so – Mystic Messenger is definitely worth your attention.

A combo of great graphics and seemingly simple controls

One doesn’t often see such a great graphics in a mobile app, and that is a great virtue of Mystic Messenger. Though the game is designed in a style of a messenger app like WhatsApp or LINE, there are visual novels as well, and their graphics are also detailed and elaborate.

The styling will be especially appealing to those of you who like anime and manga. Yet, the storyline is rather challenging itself, so even if you’re not a big fan of Asian animation – give it a try, the game is still interesting.

As I mentioned, you can’t do much – you only get to choose from available lines. So, playing the route successfully is a matter of smarts and wisdom rather than quick reaction and agility. One may suppose that your actions in the game are limited, and that is true to some extent. On the other hand, the storyline is pretty complex and elaborate, so the game isn’t that simple as one may think.
When the story ends…

Replaying the game can be pretty interesting, especially if you haven’t used a guide. As I said, every route can have a bad ending if you mess up, so replaying gives you an opportunity to right the wrongs. And even if you play the route successfully, you still may be wondering what the bad ending is. 

The app is free to play, yet there is the game currency called hourglasses. You can earn them in the game or simply buy if you’re willing to spend some money on the app. 

With hourglasses, you can activate chats that you’ve missed, watch after ending scenes or call other characters. Also, there are a casual story and a deep story, and when the former is free to play, you will need hourglasses to unlock the latter.

Still, you can play without paying a cent if you have enough patience and perseverance to earn hourglasses in the game.
My verdict: the game is definitely worth your attention

Overall, I find Mystic Messenger to be quite an exciting game for iOS and Android with a great plot and unique characters. I like the humor a lot, and the soundtrack is incredible, too. The only thing is, the app takes a lot of your phone’s memory, but that should be expected from the elaborate game like this.

So, if you have some leisure time that you’re willing to spend on a good dating sim, I would recommend you to give Mystic Messenger a try. The challenging storyline, excellent graphics, and endearing characters – this game has everything to catch your attention.


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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