Episode - Choose Your Story
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Episode - Choose Your Story review

Episode – Choose Your Story is the interactive collection of stories written both by developers and users themselves. All these stories are based on the theme of love relationships, datings, romance and sexual behavior. That's why the game content is not suitable for users under thirteen years old. 

This drama-filled storytelling game is available for free. So if you are already an adult and interested in such genre, why not try it?

The game audience: from curious teenagers to adult soap-opera fans

Are you a curious teenager or a game-maniac adult? In both cases Episode – Choose Your Story is the game worth your attention. Right from the start, you will the game's excellent graphics that will keep you thrilled and engaged. With the realistic imagery and convenient game setting, you will be kept immersed while playing.

The game is about reading and having fun with animations, that's why the designers did a great job with motions and display. Some of the images are censored to protect children from sexual content. This game is fun, and the fact that the graphics sync well with common color themes makes it a desired title on your game list.

You can play this game anywhere and at any time, make sure that you have an internet connection. The game allows you to choose your story among the many available romance stories on the platform, but you can also create your own story and post it in the forum. Before posting your story on the forum, you must ensure that your story has 400 words per episode. The stories in this game are about love, dating, and romance. To enjoy your game thoroughly, be sure to upgrade to the latest version.

The game has simple and straightforward controls that are convenient and ideal for this kind of play. Notably, this game has so many functional keys that are also up-to-date; you just need to know when and how to use them. If you are a beginner, start with pressing “Directing Helper” and read about a bunch of available options. If you press “Spot Helper,” you will reveal the coordinates where the character is so that you can adjust it however you like.

The controls are right on the sides of the game screen. You only have to know what exactly you want to do and then slide in the right segment to access it. 

The fascinating gameplay is cherry on a pie

Simply saying, the gameplay of Episode – Choose Your Story is exciting without exaggeration. You will find here polished posters like on Netflix or Hulu and will get access to a collection of different drama series: adventure, romance, mystery, and some young adult themes. If surfing Netflix is your usual activity, then you are going to figure out the game quickly. 

You select a story episode and keep tapping. When a branching point appears in the story flow, you have to advance choosing your character’s actions. One story can have several episodes, like a TV show season, which requires you to earn or purchase passes to watch them.

For instance, after choosing a story, you can create your look and select your fashionable outfits, make friends and hang out with them, date a hot guy and decide your path in the romance and so on. Fascinatingly, isn't it?

Why do you want to play it over and over?

One of the most appealing game features is a possibility to create myriads of new stories that players can consequently choose from on the platform. The fact that you can also go through the numerous love stories from other players is also a plus for this section.

Generally, this game is fun, and you can’t stop asking for more. From the point of an adult gamer, you'll see that this is a decent game thrilling you with its gameplay. The stories are a fun read, and the animations make the stories something more.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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