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Car Parking 3D review

There are quite a lot of parking simulators on the market, and Car Parking 3D is one of them. I’d like to highlight the good graphics of the game as well as its consistency and systematic character. 

I’m just going to start my driver’s education next year, so I got this app to practice a little bit in advance. And if you’re a novice driver or maybe you’re just learning how to drive – such a simulator may be very useful for you. Basically, anyone can try this app. But if you’re looking for a creative game to spend some leisure time, Car Parking 3D will hardly attract any interest as it’s just a simulator, yet very decent.

Realistic car physics and good graphics

What do you want from a car simulator? That’s right – realistic physics and good graphics. I have to tell, Car Parking 3D has both of them. Though I spent some time getting used to the controls as they seemed inconvenient at first, eventually I figured out how to use physics to my advantage.

The graphics are pretty decent, indeed. There is nothing special, yet it’s just right for a mobile simulator like that. You can customize the car by choosing its color, and there are 7 of them available. The environment is developed pretty well: there are other cars in the parking lot, some trees, fences, and sidewalks. So, even though your main goal is parking the car, the game world gives you a sense of completeness.

The simulator has more than 200 levels, and over the course of the game, it predictably gets harder to park. New obstacles such as traffic cones and various barriers appear. Sometimes, your car is just surrounded by these safe cones, and you have to move carefully in order not to hit them. Other times, you have to drive some kind of labyrinth with lots of turnings to get to your parking lot.

On the screen, there are the pedals, the steering wheel, and the gearbox. There are different camera options available, too. The parking lot is highlighted in red, and when you park properly, it turns green. If your car bumps into another car or a barrier, you have to restart the level.

Lots of important advantages

Though Cap Parking 3D may be not so original and new, it still has its own advantages. The CPU use is rather low, and the app takes just 26 MB of your phone’s memory. As I mentioned before, there are more than 200 levels, and that is quite a lot. Also, the game has a drift mode, though I don’t use it too often.

There are other cars in the parking lot, and that is quite realistic, yet sometimes I wish there would be less of them. I get that for the sake of education the developers decided to complicate the parking process, but there should be more empty parking lots, right?..
Anyway, other cars and their arrangement that varies from a level to level are definitely a good feature that helps you to learn how to drive.

Getting a little boring

As I said before, the app will be interesting for either novice drivers or those who are just learning how to drive. If you’re just curious how parking works, you may complete a couple of levels, but then it may get boring. The game is quite monotonous itself, and it’s hard to call it a game. It’s just a simulator, and that’s it. Yet a simulator with pretty realistic parking experience.

Also, there are a lot of ads that can be annoying. As far as I can tell, there are no in-app purchases, so you can’t remove the commercials. If we’re talking cons, the repetitive sound of an engine was more annoying than ads, so I turned it off.
Anyway, Car Parking 3D is still a decent simulator which you can get on Google Play. The app requires Android 4.1 and up. I didn’t find this app on App Store, though there are so many other parking simulators like this that you will probably find the right one for you.

Bottom line

To sum up, Car Parking 3D is a pretty decent parking simulator that can be a great help for novice drivers, driving school students, and everyone who wants to learn how to drive. The app focuses on the parking, yet you also have to demonstrate your driving skills. Good graphics, realistic physics, and interesting gameplay – what else do you need from a parking simulator like this?

Obviously, this app won’t teach how to drive and to park – you will need a real tutor for that purpose. But it still can be a good complement to your driving education.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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