Bus Simulator 2015
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Bus Simulator 2015 review

You can become a bus driver easily even without having a driving license. Immerse in the real bus driver experience with the Bus Simulator. If you enjoy speed and vehicle simulators, then this is an inch-perfect choice for you. 

Bus Simulator: start your career in your own bus company

Bus Simulator lets you drive your bus in different terrains with the help of well-organized controls. Everything starts, when you, as an aspiring businessman, buy a bus company, which you have to develop to get a profit.

The essence of the game is simple. You need to transport people, buy new buses, hire new drivers, create regular routes, and so on. At first, there is only one bus and one route for you to transport people and earn a little money on it. In the beginning, you have to memorize just a few buttons on the keyboard to manage these actions. 

The bus is entirely at your disposal, and you alone will manage it, sell tickets and even carry out repairs, for example, if you get stuck in the door, you need to get up from your driver's seat, go to the jammed door and make a particular order of actions.

There is also one important thing you have to deal with like time management. When you get passengers at the stop, you start counting down the time and for a certain amount of time you have to get to the next stop. In this connection, it is necessary to do everything quickly and deliberately. When selling tickets, you will have to count how much you give to each passenger.

More drivers - more fun

You, and subsequently your drivers after each trip will gain experience in driving and improve your performance, which will increase profits from each route. Thus, your main task is to earn as much money as possible.

Bus Simulator also has a multiplayer mode, which lets you invite friends into the game and develop the company together. The money earned by each player will accumulate in one account and spare on your company's needs. You can turn on multiplayer mode at any moment of the game and stay online for playing. Together it is much more exciting to develop the bus company business. 

With various game levels, you are going to feel a different experience every time. The gameplay promises to be thrilling from beginning to end.

Beauty all around

Special thanks to the developers for the well-designed graphics. All the visuals are on a decent level as for the simulation game. You will see a lot of beautiful locations from your bus window. Whether you choose to drive your vehicle in a hot sunny environment or a snow-filled road, everything looks gorgeous. 

The buses are perfectly drawn, pedestrians and other road users are pleasant at their appearance. The city noises and sounds of different vehicles perfectly complement the atmosphere of the game. All these features make you feel like you're getting the real driver experience.

How to become an experienced bus driver?

The point of a bus simulation game is to give you an idea of what it’s like to drive a bus. That game has impressive physics that give you an authentic experience. Everything you would imagine a driver goes through is present here. The bus moves and feels like a real vehicle you would expect to see on the street. Hill-climbing can become your favorite part. You'll feel the thrill and effort of climbing a hill like you are actually driving the bus yourself.

The buses and locations seem real, and everything looks crystal clear. Apart from this, the bus sounds are also similar to those in real life.

You can joyfully elevate your driving experience with this beautifully drawn and atmospheric game. Feel yourself a businessman who leads the company to success. And simply enjoy playing Bus Simulator, because this game is enjoyable and engaging!


Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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