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AdVenture Capitalist review

Each one of us at least once dreamt of possessing the entire world’s gold, diamonds, mansions, Rolls-Royce Phantoms, oil companies and swim in little glittery coins just like uncle Scrooge (although it’s physically impossible).

My personal go-to is good-old Monopoly game, but I don’t want to stay old-fashioned all the time - trying a new economic/tycoon game is a refreshing experience.

My today’s scrutiny subject is Kongregate’s AdVenture Capitalist – a free to download gaming app that’s been installed 50 million times.

Tap and grow richer or “Return of the citrus Emperor”

The essence of the game is about money-making. You start as a humble but ambitious character who looks like a combination of the Monopoly Guy’s nephew and Stan Smith from the “American Dad”. Meh, both must be in the Republican Party.

Your beginnings are truly simple: you have a lemonade stand and a newspaper biz. You invest a couple of hundreds in these two ventures by tapping and then observe how your modest enterprise brings you the first profits. 

The gameplay principle is simple as the capitalistic conception itself: speculate to accumulate and then happily calculate the dough you made. Buy more lemonade stands and see for yourself what this principle’s like in action. 

You have a narrow number of business ventures to invest in, namely:

  • A car wash
  • A pizza restaurant
  • A donut café
  • A shrimp boat
  • A hockey team
  • A movie studio
  • A nameless bank
  • An oil company

The higher the place a company occupies in that hierarchy, the more money it makes, but at the same time, it takes a satanically long period of time for a Bank or an Oil company to make your pockets fatter. 

Each of the above-mentioned corporations can be upgraded which will logically lead to faster profit-generation and awarding you Gold bricks (the in-game currency for $2). For instance, your newspapers can have “funny pages” meanwhile the donut joint may have “prepacked deliveries”.

Now what I really found curious about this game is that it offers to double the amount of mulla you have at the moment if you agree to watch a video-ad (perhaps with the sound unmute). Okay, very well then – gimme all you got, cursed game-developers ‘cause I can see nothing but GREEN flashing in front of my eyes now…

A lazy billionaire’s story

Each industry you have in this game offers you a manager specifically assigned to it. The manager’s one and only function is to auto-collect your earnings which liberates you from the burden of tapping on the orange buttons all the time. 

And at the same time… well, the game starts playing itself. 

You won’t have to move your fingers again since everything’s done for you and let the game run in a background mode. It’ll notify you how much cash has been made for you while you were gone and also what special offers there are (mainly it’s ads again).
The managers have toothlessly funny names which are obvious references to well-known people, characters and memes: 

  • Forest Trump – manages a shrimp boat;
  • Stefani Speilburger – movie studio;
  • The Dark Lord – the bank sector;
  • Danky McGumpface – a kitty-cat accountant.

And many more.

There’s another interesting feature: as soon as you make a disgustingly gargantuan amount of cash you can reset all of your progress by selling your “possessions”. It will unlock the feature of “Angel-investment”. In other words, you’ll attract Angel-investors, deeply impressed by your money-making skills which means you’ll be able to make billions double-speed than before.

We are going to the moon, Gromit

Once you establish your monopoly on Earth, there will be the Moon and Mars available to travel to at the cost of 1 trillion each. Both planets have their own unique ventures, currencies, background music etc.

All this luxury is performed in a parody art style, partly influenced by satirical comic strips from the olden times. Cute, neat, funny.
As for the rest, there’s a huge complaint I must make: the game exploits your instinct of profiteering, and it’s highly addictive. It’s not competitive, there’s no multiplayer, but it’s just impossible to get away from watching the flashy orange buttons and green profit bars – only after 30 mins of playing you realize that you’ve become a Golden Calf cult adept.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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