My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire review

What… is this? What in the name of Ganesh am I looking at? 

Is it an anthropomorphic octopus with a snail shell on his back playing the drums? An orange Cyclopes with the bat-wings instead of ears jamming the hell out of that bass-guitar? A sapient blob made of green slime on keyboards and a grey-bearded crab-like entity soloing on an electro-sitar?? 

What is going on?!

What might appear to be someone’s freakish but funky LSD-trip is, in fact, one of the most promising mobile games available for Android/iOS. 

Let’s see if their jams are groovy enough!

Welcome to the music jungles

Imagine an old-school Tamagotchi game mixed with the elements borrowed from Pokémon, a resource-managing strategy and a musical game. This is the core recipe of My Singing Monsters.

To squeeze everything out of the game you should:

  • Breed and crossbreed these little cuties. Each monster belongs to a certain element. In the previous version there were only four of them, but now you have “earth”, “fire” “plasma”, “shadow”, “poison” and so on. Merging two monsters of different elements into one allows you to create quite a spectacular creature. If they are compatible of course.
  • Build structures. A “Bakery”, “Recording Studio”, “Wishing Torch” etc. They can be upgraded through the course of the game, and each one serves a specific purpose. For instance, the “Time Machine” speeds up the tempo of the song your monsters are performing at the moment, and the “Bakery” produces delicious cupcakes to feed them. 
  • Explore the map. Different areas are clouded while being unlocked. As soon as you reach a certain level you can voyage to one of those to find new items/build new structures. Although the new locations do not generate any resources whatsoever.
  • Produce food. Your monsters are fond of appetizing treats like coconuts, apples, apple strudels, nutritious slime etc. That’s the part when hard work comes into play. You should grow apple trees and sugar cane, harvest grain, make ice, collect recipes and finally cook meals for these insatiable creatures. And did I mention that preparing a dish takes time?
  • Level up the monsters. The more objectives you accomplish and the more food you give to your little buddies, the more experience (XP) you earn. Consequently, after you gain a certain amount of XP, the monsters level up and their melodies/rhythms become catchier and more elaborate.

As a result, you can assemble a whole superband or even an orchestra of musically gifted loonies ready to please your ears around the clock. As a bonus, you can learn basics of music orchestration, while playing it.

Parental skills

I mentioned Tamagotchi for a reason. The monsters require constant attention, care and (oh boy) love. Apart from keeping them fed, you’ll also have to maintain the “Happiness” stat. Whenever a monster is placed near a unique object, for instance, a squid statue, its happiness will increase by 25%.

As you have guessed 4 unique items increase the happiness status by 100%, which stimulates coin production twice as much. Coins can be used for building new structures, buying a limited number of new monsters, producing food, expanding the map (archipelago), acquiring new decorations etc.

As you can see, taking care of the wonderful tiny musicians is a legit hassle. Keep in mind that you’re supposed to check them at least 5 times a day; otherwise, your progress will become unstable.

The visuals of the game are rather cartoonish but they go perfectly well with the vibe of the game. 
The controls are based mainly on tapping and do not require any mad skills.

Diamonds last forever

The app is free to download. However, in-game activities consume real-life time, making the game a bit tedious. To speed it up you can pay with Diamonds – the top in-game currency that can be earned by… 

  • Your monsters,
  • You doing quests/inviting friends.
  • Paying real money (up to $130). 

Luckily, playing My Singing Monsters is possible without buying stuff (so far).

There’s just some elusive innocence about these happily jamming guys. And although I realize it was designed primarily for kids, adults might find this game to be a simple but effective stress-killer.

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

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