Our beers

gallery/70 fathom 01

A quaffable blonde ale with an exceptionally pleasant herbal-spice aroma with a hint of fruitiness.


An easy drinking & refreshing blonde ale with hints of blackcurrant, citrus and floral notes. Followed by a clean dry refreshing finish.


A drinkable pale blonde ale with an exceptionally gratifying herbal-floral aroma with hints of citrus & fruitiness.


A refreshing golden pale ale that has copious fruit flavours in addition to hints of herbal and spice aromas. Brought together with a grapefruit and citrus aftertaste.


A pale amber ale that combines smooth bitterness with a fruit & citrus aroma, but is not overpowered by it. The pleasing surprise at the end are subtle notes of pears.


A golden pale ale that is hopped with a fusion of European and English hops. Why a smorgasbord? Because there are no less than 5 hops of varying quantities in this velvety pale ale. With hints of earthiness, fruitiness and finally a herbal nose.

gallery/top busty

A well balanced classic bitter that delivers a refreshing dry bitterness and a pleasing hoppy finish.

gallery/bottom busty

A complex dark ruby ale with a floral aroma which imparts a rich malty aftertaste with hints of coffee, chocolate and fruit.

gallery/cowper eye

A classic best bitter with subtle citrus notes and an earthy bitterness together with hints of a herbal and floral back note. Followed by a sweet honey like finish.

gallery/low main

A pale amber Belgium Pale Ale with a biscuit like toasty aroma with hints of orange and spicy notes. The low hop profile enhances the smooth maltiness with a softly sweet introduction leading to a medium dry finish.

gallery/jet 01

A light golden pale ale with gratifying fruit flavours which include hints of orange zest, citrus, herbal and pine. All together with a crisp thirst quenching finish.

gallery/brass thill

A golden easy drinking pale ale brewed with classic British malts, American hops and a hint of honey to impart a fruity yet refreshing pale ale with a citrus edge.